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Prepare for your absence, A-Z

Pomnie makes preparing for your absence a breeze. Our features help you make your wishes clear, organise important documents, leave messages and involve the right people at the right time.

Only takes 3 steps

Who knew that preparing yourself and your loved ones for your own death is this easy? Well, it is!

Choose between Lite or Plus and sign up using your email, Google or Facebook account.

Leave instructions, upload important documents and record messages for family and friends.

Invite the people you trust to view your data NOW or At SPECIFIC time. Choose what they get to see.


leave instructions

Answer simple questions to leave clear instructions for your family to follow. Everything from your travel, medical treatment or assets, how to contact your lawyer, what to do with your email, who’s going to care for your pets and more.


upload documents

Store important documents like your will, insurance policies, medical records, property/vehicle deeds, banking details, retirement funds, loans and more in a secured digital vault.


leave messages

Creare text/audio/video messages which will be sent to your family and friends at the right time. The sweetest thing you can do for them is to comfort them in your own words.


invite sidekicks

Invite the people you trust to view your data whenever you’re ready. Customise each of their access, what you want to show or hide from them. Then choose when they can view it; NOW or AT THE SPECIFIC time.

And so much more..

Guided Planning

Never done this before? No worries, we’ll guide you from start to finish. Pick any of the goals available and follow each of the steps at your own pace.

Different Languages

Pomnie is currently available in English and Polish.

Safe & Private

Only you and the people you invite as your Sidekicks can view your plan, period. Nobody else including Pomnie will be able to access your private plan.

How others are using Pomnie

Everyone who uses Pomnie have their own goals, whether it’s to organise their plan or to start from scratch. Here’s how we’ve helped others just like you.

Ready to plan?

Life is unpredictable, don’t get caught off guard. Organize and manage things today to guide your loved ones when you aren’t around.