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Prepare for everything including death

Pomnie is a a service that helps you prepare and your loved ones for future events and situations during your absence. Some things are inevitable and we help you deal with them.

What will happen?

To your loved ones when you’re not around.

Will they know what to do?

Once you are away, they'll need to know how to take care of your pets, your belongings, and assets. Sometimes they'll have to make tough decisions so it is better to help them.

Can they find important documents?

They'll have to locate documents like your will, insurance policies, banking info, medical records and more to deal with all the paperwork.

Have you said everything you want to say?

Will your parents know how much you appreciate them? Do you want to remind your family how much you love them or simply tell your friend how often to water your plants?

Meet Pomnie

An absence management service

Leave instructions for your travel, hospital visits, financial, legal and personal arrangements.

Store vital documents like your will, insurance, medical records and more.

Leave messages for your loved ones which will be sent in the right time.

Tell your friends how to take care of your little ones.

Invite the people you trust to view your plan and manage their access to your data.

Your privacy, our priority

Only you and the people you invite will be able to view your data, noone else.

Similar to online banking, we will verify your identity at various points.

Our security team is always improving the service to make sure you’re protected.

We undertaken the required business and technology steps to operate in a manner compliant with GDPR.

A note from our founder

There is never a good time to talk about when we are gone. The idea for “Pomnie” was born during preparations for one of the longer holiday journeys. I was sure I couldn’t go to my parents and give them a description of what to do if something happened to me. What messages should I pass on to children, how to know which vet to go with the dog … That’s why I decided that I needed a place where I could safely store my data and make it available to my family at a certain moment. I hope that “Pomnie” will help in such cases, especially those who will stay after us. After all, the world will not stop .”


Founder & CEO

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Ready to start?

Life is unpredictable, don’t get caught off guard. Organize and manage things today to guide your loved ones when you aren’t around.